Toulouse is known as ‘Petit Paris’ by the French. Did you know that there are a lot of gorgeous squares in Toulouse? All of these squares have a fountain, but some are nicer than the others. You can take a cruise by boat on the Garonne to look to all the marvelous sights in Toulouse and then later go exploring on foot to check out at all these attractions more closely. Most prominent are the colourful street name signs, mostly yellow or white. When you follow the yellow route you will follow the Garonne. The white streets will lead you to the monumental centre of the city. An example is the historic basilica Saint Sernin. This is one of the biggest Roman churches in France. The church stands exactly on the original position of the abbey of the Benedictines (fourth century).

Very prominent is the pink glow that some buildings emit. This is explained by the red coloured bricks. For this reason Toulouse is often called ‘La Ville Rose’. (The red city). Toulouse is also often called ‘petit Paris’ because of all the students that live there. It is the second biggest student city in France with about 110000 students. It is easy to make a comparison between Toulouse and Paris when you look at the atmosphere, the monumental buildings and the nice terraces.

This is also true for the museums, cultural activities and theatres. Toulouse is a city that sparkles. We advise you to go to the Museé des Augustins. This museum is situated in the former Augustine’s monastery. You will find an impressive collection of sculptures and paintings. If you love Egyptian art you must visit the Musée Georges Labit. 

In contrast to the buildings, Toulouse is also rich in green spaces. There are at least 160 gardens and parks in the centre which totals more than a thousand acres of green. Also surprising is that there are at least 150000 trees with more than 500 varieties in the city area.   

Whether you are searching for nightlife or the calmness of city gardens, in Toulouse you will find it all. 

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