The rental villas on Chateau de Barbet have everything in house to guarantee a lovely stay. You will never get bored here whether you have a short stay or long one. 

There is a choice between three types of villas . We have type Campagne, Gers and Barbet de Luxe. All villas  have spacious bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, two toilets, a full furnished kitchen (including a dishwasher) and a living and dining area. Every villa also has its own parking space and a separate storage.   

People live outside in the south of France. For this reason all the villas have one or more terraces and a generous garden. It is easy to stay in the villas with four to six people. We also have villas with four bedrooms. You can stay here with eight people. All the villas are completely luxurious furnished. If you have any questions please fill out the information form.

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News of the Gers

foto animatie 2010---foto animatie 2010

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