Chateau de Barbet

Calmness, space, nature and good facilities in Château de Barbet and….. The Entertainment Compagnie!

Every holiday on Château de Barbet is fully enjoying the sunentertaiment Chateau de Barbet, the excellent facilities, all the space and fully enjoying the gorgeous area. We would like to add a fourth element as well, namely us! Who ‘we’ are? We are the leisure entertainers of the Entertainment Compagnie. We can not wait to make an unforgettable summer with you! We will entertain young and old alike and we will not forget anyone!


We are educated by the Entertainment Compagnie to make something good of your holiday. We organize activities from early in the morning until late at night at Château de Barbet during the whole summer. We hope that we may greet you this summer!

What do we have in store for you and your children to entertain you?

We start preparing games, sportiving activities and fun shows long before you have even unpacked your luggage.


Every morning the children can come drawing, cutting and pasting. We have room for children of every age and everybody can join in!

 entertainment Chateau de BarbetWe prepare (water) games for everybody who wants to be active in the afternoon.

In the evening we will do something sporty and fun as well. We might do a walking tour or we will play a game. And the guests are always in the spotlights of course. We regularly organise a playback show, a game show or a party night. There are also important tasks behind the scenes. When everybody helps a bit, the evening is always sure to be a big success! Our motto is: ‘A good atmosphere can be organized.’

There is something to do for every age

Anybody who thinks that we only organise events for children is wrong. Teenagers and adults are not forgotten by us. We organise sports activities for every group. Sometimes these activities are for every age. Everybody can read what is going on in the program near reception. You will see there is something for everybody!


Theatre fun
There is theatre fun every night at Château de Barbet. We pick you up and  entertainment Chateau de Barbetwe will experience the craziest adventures. The smallest children can stand at the front so they can see everything properly. The bigger children must come as well because the theatre is great fun! We also dance the on the Swingtime every night. This is the music from the Entertainment Compagnie. 


The outline of the entertainment program is available for you on a weekly basis. This way you know exactly what to do when and where we are ready for you! So for a summer full of activities you are at the right place at Château de Barbet because a ‘good atmosphere can be organised’ by the Etertainment Compagnie!

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